The first thing a lot of people notice about a car is its color. For some car owners, more than its performance, the car’s color is what attracts them to a particular model. A car’s paint job is also very telling of its owner’s driving habits and how carefully the owner maintains his car. After all, a vehicle with an immaculate paint – no scratches, no chipping, no uneven colors – means that the driver or owner takes great care of it and that it hasn’t been in any major car accidents.

However careful you are with your car, wear and tear will still happen. The elements, chemicals from the soap you use when washing your car, as well as the wax you put on it will all affect its color and visibly age your vehicle. At Jim & Jack’s Collision Center, we can help restore your car’s paint to how it was when it left the showroom floor.

Paint Job done by Certified Technicians in State-Of-The-Art Spray Booths.

Jim & Jack’s Paint Shop features a color-matching computerized system that provides our team with access to every color of every vehicle, allowing for a perfect paint match for your vehicle. We can get the damaged portion of your car looking like new and matching your entire car’s color in no time, leaving very little to no indication that it went through any type of road mishap or restoration.

At our auto body shop, your cars are painted in our high pressure, computerized Blowtherm Ultra 2000 spray booths that are completely dust free and temperature controlled. This allows for a perfect spread of coat and a drying speed that will give your car the most immaculate paint job possible, without having to wait several days to get it back.